We tried the new fall flavors of Peeps so you don’t have to

peepWhen it comes to Peeps — the popular marshmallow candy coated in sugar, usually in chick-shaped form — you’re likely firmly entrenched in either the “love them” or “hate them” camp.

Typically eaten during Easter, Peeps have staked their claim of late on the fall flavors craze, introducing pumpkin spice latte dipped in white fudge, caramel apple dipped in caramel fudge, candy corn dipped in white fudge and pumpkin spice latte dipped in white fudge.

So what do they taste like? We tried each flavor as part of our AJC Snapchat Taste Test, and ranked them from least gross to highly gross.

Least gross:

Maple brown sugar dipped in white fudge: The least overwhelmingly sweet Peep of the bunch, maple brown sugar actually makes for a nice autumn treat (as long as you don’t eat more than one — any more and you might go into hypoglycemic shock).

Caramel apple dipper in caramel fudge: A close second to maple brown sugar, caramel apple has a decent balance of sweet and salty. Loses points for the toxic green shade.

Pumpkin spice latte dipped in white fudge: Even pumpkin spice fanatics won’t find a ton to love here.


Candy corn dipped in white fudge: No. Just no.

Bottom line: If you’re a Peep fan, you might find one or two of these flavors slightly palatable. More than likely, you’ll be content to stick with the tried-and-true original. If you weren’t a Peeps fan to begin with — run in the other direction.

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