Check out the tortas at this tiny Atlanta taqueria


Dish of the Week: Torta de Chorizo at Carniceria Ramirez

Carniceria Ramirez is a tiny market and taqueria that serves many purposes.

There’s a butcher counter filled with both fresh and marinated meats. There’s a small selection of produce with avocados, limes, cilantro and that sort of thing. A cabinet holds freshly baked bread. And then there’s the taqueria on the side.

It is a bare-bones operation if there ever was one, offering a small, handwritten selection of tacos and lunch plates from behind a counter, but one that makes full use of the market’s offerings. To see that in action, you can do no better than to order a torta de chorizo.

The chorizo (same as the pork that you can order from the butcher) is rich and bright red with ancho chile. On top of that, you’ll find other simple ingredients from the market – melted white cheese, avocado, tomato and lettuce – all pressed inside a soft roll, so that just the lacquered crust is holding everything together.

It is a simple but satisfying pleasure.

Carniceria Ramirez, 2600 Bolton Road, Atlanta. 404-355-8464, Facebook: Carniceria Ramirez.

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